At Landmark Baptist Church we exist to bring glory to God by knowing Christ, and making Him known. Therefore, regardless of age, our goal for every church member is to encourage him/her to grow in their relationship with Christ, and in the practice of sharing Christ with those around them.

While the church desires to foster a Christ-ward pursuit in all of its members, the God-given responsibility of nurturing and instructing children is given primarily to parents. Therefore, the best youth ministry that our church can offer is one that equips and encourages parents to grow in their love for Christ so that their love can overflow in the training of their sons and daughters.

We seek to accomplish this by maintaining a youth group with the following emphases:

Regular Biblical instruction

Privately in homes - We are convinced that this should take place primarily in the home with fathers and mothers instructing their own children in the truths of the Lord.

Corporately in the church - We seek to equip parents and young people through regular discipleship classes on Sunday and a weekly Wednesday evening Youth Group gathering.

Parental involvement in Youth Group studies and activities

Since it is our goal to encourage and equip parents to train their own children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, we emphasize regular parental involvement in Youth Group gatherings and activities.

Outreach with, and service to the local church.

Since we have desire for our young people to see themselves as a part of the church and not a separate entity from it, we strive to involve our Youth Group in outreach and service activities that will inevitably bring them in close contact with members of all ages.