Discussion Group Questions

John 13:1-17
April 14, 2024
Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think that John included these verses in his gospel account in light of John 20:30-31? Why do you think that Jesus began his upper room discourse by washing His disciples’ feet?

2. What is so striking about Jesus’ actions in vv.4-5 considering what verse 3 teaches us that Jesus knew about Himself and the purposes of the Father?

3. Can you sympathize with Peter’s objection? Why was Peter uncomfortable with Jesus washing his feet? How does this foot washing picture Jesus’ serving us in providing a means of salvation, and is that similarly uncomfortable to receive? (See Mark 10:35-45, specifically verse 45.)

4. What are the theological implications of Jesus’ foot washing? What does Jesus teach about the once-for-all nature of our cleansing as well as our need for daily fellowship with Christ?

5. Based on Jesus’ foot washing teaching, what should a Christian do if he has confessed his sins, but he still feels guilty? What steps should he take?

6. Jesus’ example was meant to be taken seriously. We are to serve one another in the church. What are some ways followers of Jesus must imitate Jesus and His teaching today?

7. How can you love an irresponsible, self-focused person without enabling him to continue in his irresponsible ways? Additionally, in a practical way, how can a believer who does not feel Christ’s love remedy the problem?

8. Why do you think Jesus said you are blessed if you do these things?

Prayer: John & Lena Allen (johnallensr@gmail.com)