Discussion Group Questions

As you prepare for Sunday, please consider these questions to help you better understand and apply the text in your life. 
John 4:1-42 (Part 1)
January 29, 2023
Discussion Questions

1. Why do you think John placed this story where he did in his gospel account of Jesus’ life and ministry? Did John have more than just chronological considerations in mind?

2. How are Nicodemus and the woman at the well different? How do their substantial differences communicate to us something about the variety of people who respond to the gospel? Who has the more immediate spiritual response? What one primary need do Nicodemus and the woman at the well have in common? Why is the answer to this second question important to remember?

3. What does this passage reveal about the character of Jesus?

4. Why is the fact that Jesus spoke to the woman at the well good news for us?

5. How should Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus and the woman at the well, coupled together with Revelation 5, help fuel your missionary zeal/fervor?

6. Even though the story is not primarily about evangelistic strategies, there does seem to be implications about approaching people with the gospel that can be learned by Jesus’ example. What are some strategies that you see in this passage? If you believe that everyone, everywhere needs Jesus, then what can you do personally to engage non-Christians with the gospel?

7. Should it concern us that churches can become too comfortable with people with whom they share experiences and have similar interests? What social and cultural divides do we need to work to tear down?

Prayer: Steve & Bethany Carter