Discussion Group Questions

Discussion Questions

1. By looking into the past, we’re remind of all that Christ has done. By looking into the future, we’re expectant of all that Christ will do. Advent is about looking both ways. We take time to slow down and look behind us to Christ’s first coming at His birth and ahead of us to His second coming when He will keep His promise to return to reign as our gracious king. Why is focusing our hearts on waiting expectantly for Jesus such a good thing for us during this Christmas season?

2. It is easy to rest our hopes on things that are near term and of this world, rather than on Christ. Often these hopes are resting in false objects that cannot satisfy. What are some of these false hopes, and how can we grow in shifting our gaze from the temporal to the eternal (specifically this Christmas season)?

3. How is our hope in God’s promises different than our hope for, say, a certain Christmas present?

4. God made many promises to Israel as they waited for the promised Savior to come. How do you think God’s people fought against doubt, discouragement, and the temptation to believe God forgot them? Why is it important to remember and reflect on this truth?

5. God often gives us seasons of waiting to sift and strengthen our faith. When you are in a season of waiting, what might the Lord be teaching you?

6. We live in the tension of the already and not yet. This means that in Christ we already possess every spiritual blessing, but practically speaking, we don’t fully experience the fullness of these blessings yet. What are some of the blessings of Christ that you are truly experiencing? How complete are these blessings? What promises of God are you looking forward to being ultimately fulfilled? Why?

Prayer: Steve & Bethany Carter (cartersjapan@gmail.com)