Discussion Group Questions

As you prepare for Thanksgiving, please consider these questions from our pastors in preparation for our Tuesday night Thanksgiving Service. 
Thanksgiving Service
November 22, 2022

Hardships come and go. It is always best to draw near to God and find that place of quiet rest in Him. This requires us to purposefully fix our minds on Him. Please read Psalm 57 and come prepared to talk about how this passage teaches us to be reliant upon the Lord. Why is this good for us and why should we be thankful for it? What are some hardships this year that the Lord has used to draw your mind and heart toward Him?

The mighty power of God and His goodness in watering the earth and producing crops teach us that He is the best gift of all. Please read Psalm 65 and list reasons this passage teaches us to be thankful to God for His abundant provisions. What are some simple, daily provisions the Lord has given to you this year for which you are thankful?

God gives us His Creation and His Word in order that we might stand in awe of Him and sin not. Please read Psalm 19 and come prepared to talk about the communication of God through both His Creation and His Word. What are some truths from our time in 1 and 2 Samuel or the gospel of John that have ministered to your heart and given you cause for gratitude?

Psalm 145 is a catalog of God’s attributes. Which attributes do you find in this hymn of praise and why should we be thankful to God for them?