She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25

We believe a woman's value is inherently rooted in the image of God and that she is to be highly esteemed. The apostle Paul teaches that Christian women are accepted in Christ and stand to inherit the coming blessings of the kingdom just like Christian men. Therefore, we intentionally foster an environment to produce godly, joyful women.

We believe that women must not bend to an ever-changing and godless culture to prove themselves necessary, valuable, or loved. Instead, we affirm the Scriptures teach that godly women are to be cherished and so we hold them in special regard and we give them opportunity to learn and practically work out their natural gifts and spiritual callings as they seek to beautify all that God entrusts to them.

We believe that we minister to our women best through the instruction of the Word of God and prayer and so we press into each other the significance of consistent church attendance. We also affirm Paul’s instruction to Titus that older women play a pivotal role in the maturing and shaping of younger women. For this reason, we encourage our women to spend time with one another in each other's homes where formal and informal instruction can easily occur.

We have an annual women’s retreat, frequent Ladies' Night Out events, wedding and baby showers as often we have the privilege to do so, and weekly times where our facilities are open for further fellowship.

Women’s events can be found on our calendar.